My TV and Radio experiences

I made 15 programs in a season related to technology, which is my specialty in a local radio. The name of my radio program is technomagazin and I was the producer and presenter of the program. In addition to my specialty, I also participated in entertainment TV programs. I made the program Teknomagazin in 2017-2018. I want to be a millionaire who participated in the contest, published in 2019 in Turkey. In Turkey in 2010. Do you have that you do not so famous I participated in the program. in this program for 2 months prime time'da entertainment screens. now my aim and desire is to produce and present a new tv program about technology with my own field of expertise. Because all programs are broadcast in Turkey was published in the Turkish language.

 Millionaire (Turkish Version)

 Deal or Not Deal (Turkish Version)


On a radio broadcast in Istanbul, I produced and presented 15 episodes of the program called TeknoMagazin. (Only Turkish Version)

 TeknoMagazin 15 - Sezon Finali

TeknoMagazin 14 - Konuk Fen Lisesi Öğrencileri

Efsane Mevlüt Dinç ile TeknoMagazin Programı

TeknoMagazin Programı 12 - Konuk Abdulaziz Yenigün

TeknoMagazin Programı 9 - Konuk Erhan Yap

TeknoMagazin Programı 8 - One Man Show

TeknoMagazin Programı 7 - Konuk Aybala Polat

TeknoMagazin Programı 6 - Konuk Adem Yücel

TeknoMagazin Programı 5 - Konuk Çağatay Ülker

TeknoMagazin Programı 4 - Konuk Ozan Yokuva

TeknoMagazin Programı 3 - Konuk Avukat Afşin Yıldız

TeknoMagazin Programı 2 - Konuk Yavuz Sultan Selim Yüksel

TeknoMagazin Programı 1 - Konuk Alper Ocak


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