About Me

Volkan Atasever has been working at Software4Galaxy since March 16, 2016 as Founder / General Manager. Volkan, founder of S4G, provides Mobile Solutions, Corporate Web Solutions and Technology Development, Integration and R&D services. The company's website www.software4galaxy.com Volkan Atasever has 4 books about Software and Engineering. His latest book C # 7 meets readers. He has given seminars and trainings on software and engineering at many universities. He has written acamdemic articles and articles for T3, PC World and many magazines. He has worked in the leading companies of the sector since 2004 and now he is the General Manager of Software4Galaxy Ltd. At the same time, many magazine,newspaper or local radioo have interviewed him about the IT sector. BizimFM has participated in the radio programs TeknoMagazin in Şile. Both the training department of the company provides corporate and individual trainings through Academy4Galaxy and provides training in some training organizations. He advises companies on their projects and continues to work in niche areas such as PLM solutions.
He is lecturer at Maltepe University and he works about academic projects and articles at Maltepe University.

Educational Background:

Master Degree: Master of Science in Computer Engineering / Maltepe University

University:  Computer Engineer / Maltepe University

University: Computer Science and Programming / Maltepe University

High School: Istanbul Anatolian HighSchool

Academic Courses

Academic Courses given in 2019/2020 I. Term

Visual Programming II - Maltepe University - Computer Programming

Academic Courses given in 2019/2020 II. Term

Visual Programming III - Maltepe University - Computer Programming

Mobile Programming - Maltepe University - Computer Programming


Patent Informations

Subject: Cryptographic Phone

Paperwork history: 25.06.2019

Document Number: 2019-GE-272602




 K.S.M. Gaziler Magazine - 2017

Tübitak succesfull project -2017 

Tubitak BIGG / new technology - 2015

 Girişim Fabrikası / Özyeğin University - 2015

 K.S.M. Gaziler Magazine - 2016

 Microsoft and Turkcell  - Mobil-Star competition finalist - 2009

 Maltepe Univesity – first std.  - 2005/2006

 Maltepe Üniversit – first std. - 2004/2005

 R.Y.L.A. Leadership Trainee- 1st degree - 2010

 He received many plaques and certificates of appreciation for his works