Teknik Kitaplarım – C# 7 – Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 638 sayfa ISBN: 605.835.2742 – Umuttepe Yayınları / Level Kitap – Mart 2017 Basım tarihi – C# 6.0  -Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 526 sayfa ISBN: 978.605.656.7902 – Umuttepe Yayınları/Level Kitap – Mayıs 2015 Basım tarihi – Windows Phone 7&7.5 Mango -Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 312 sayfa ISBN: 978.605.420.5615 […]

New Projects

My New Hobby&Profession&Academic Projects (New projects done & planned since 2021… Old Projects are archieved) -Installing a video card to a 1u rack server and running it in a virtual machine. (Continues) -Artificial Intelligence (Secret Subject) Master’s Thesis in Computer Engineering (Continues) -At Least 2 International Academic Articles about Artificial Intelligence in My Thesis Subject […]

New Anounces

I archived old posts on my entire blog. You can access old posts at I moved the old posts to the archive without changing them. all the old posts were in Turkish, now the announcements will be in English and Turkish. tüm blogumdaki eski postları arşive aldım. adresinden eski postlara ulaşabilirsiniz. eski postları […]