I am a lecturer at Işık University and Maltepe University.

This semester, I will be teaching both at Maltepe University and Işık University as an Instructor. It will be a great experience for me and I will be finishing my master’s degree in the meantime. Işık University, the university where I started my education life at Maltepe University, is a wonderful university located in Şile, which is a passion for me. Being a lecturer at these two universities will provide great pleasure as well as experience.

Dizzy Radio – Radio Show Series – Turkish

Radio Show Name: Trinity Old Boys

Producer: DoctorCPC

Programme Presenter: Juda, Curt, DoctorCPC

Internet Radio Address: www.dizzyradio.com

Language: Turkish

Number of Scheduled Programs: 6 Radio Show

Program Dates:

22.July.2021 – 22:00
05.Agust.2021 – 22:00
19.Agust.2021 – 22:00
02.September.2021 – 22:00
16.September.2021 – 22:00
30.September.2021 – 22:00

Dizzy Radio Opened

Dizzy Radio opened. only Amstrad CPC, Amiga and Commodore 64 musics 7/24…

test broadcast is finished. and our broadcast is moderate workflow. i will make regular radio show. i made first radio show with Curt and Juda on 08.07.2021. this programme was turkish. but sometimes i will make english radio show about technology and old times.

New Amstrad CPC Site CPCUserClub Opened


The new Amstrad CPC user club www.CPCUserClub.com is launched. It is published only in English. You can access the forum at forum.cpcuserclub.com. You can also view all content at amstrad.cpcuserclub.com.


yeni Amstrad CPC kullanıcı kulübü www.CPCUserClub.com açıldı. sadece ingilizce olarak yayınlanmakta. forum.cpcuserclub.com adresinden foruma girebilirsiniz. aynı zamanda amstrad.cpcuserclub.com adresinden tüm içeriği görebilirsiniz.

Yeni Kitap Çalışmaları Başladı

3. şiir kitabım yakın zamanda yayın evlerinde bulabileceksiniz. bu kitabımla birlikte 7. kitabımı da yayımlamış olacağım. yeni kitabımın ismi de “İsyanın Kıyısı” olacak.

You will be able to find my 3rd poetry book in publishing houses soon. I will have published my 7th book with this book. The title of my new book will be “Coast of Revolt”.


Teknik Kitaplarım

C# 7 – Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 638 sayfa

ISBN: 605.835.2742 – Umuttepe Yayınları / Level Kitap – Mart 2017 Basım tarihi

C# 6.0  -Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 526 sayfa

ISBN: 978.605.656.7902 – Umuttepe Yayınları/Level Kitap – Mayıs 2015 Basım tarihi

Windows Phone 7&7.5 Mango -Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 312 sayfa

ISBN: 978.605.420.5615 – Kodlab Yayıncılık – Aralık 2011 Basım tarihi

Mobil Programlama – Yazarlar: Volkan Atasever , Kadir Çamoğlu – 500 sayfa –

ISBN: 978.605.4205.370 – Kodlab Yayıncılık – KASIM 2010 Basım tarihi

Şiir Kitaplarım

-İsyanın Kıyısı – Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 104 sayfa-

ISBN: 9786257633246 – Gece Kitaplığı – Mart 2021 Basım Tarihi

Ağlayan Yaşlı Çocuk – Yazar: Volkan Atasever  – 80 sayfa –

ISBN: 9752470132 – Tilki Kitap – Haziran 2017 Basım tarihi

– Yakarışlar ve Çelişkiler – Yazar: Volkan Atasever – 200 sayfa
ISBN: 9786057758705 – Gece Akademi – Aralık 2019 Basım tarihi

New Projects

Update: I have finished all the projects I targeted in 2022. one just failed. I will make a new plan for new projects and post.


My New Hobby&Profession&Academic Projects (New projects done & planned since 2021… Old Projects are archieved)

-Installing a video card to a 1u rack server and running it in a virtual machine. (Finished)(05.2022)

-Artificial Intelligence (Secret Subject) Master’s Thesis in Computer Engineering (Finished)(08.2022)

-At Least 2 International Academic Articles about Artificial Intelligence in My Thesis Subject (Continues)(Failed)

-Amstrad CPC 464 Keyboard Project – custom made keycaps, 3d model drawings and brandnew keycaps with new colors.(Finished)(2022)

-B2C Software Product Research for Marketing of S4G (Continues)

-Software4Galaxy Shop for all of the items for example software and digital contents (Finished)(07.2022)

-CPCUserClub Magazine in english… Only Amstrad CPC Magazine (06.2022)(Finished)

– Dizzy Radio – www.dizzyradio.com Internet Radio (Finished) (July.2021)

-www.CPCUserClub.com (Amstrad CPC & PCW Forum and Web Site) (Finished) (June.2021)

-HAMRadio Systems UHF-VHF-CB Radio Trasnceiver, Diaomond X50 DualBand Antenna, UHF HandMade Antenna, CB OZMAK Antenna is assembled and sets. (Finished) (July.2021)

-Shortwave, MW and LW Radio Systems – Retekess SW,MW,LW Radio – Sharp SW-MW-LW Radio – Sony SW-MW-LW Radio – JVC SW,MW,LW Radio, Local Produc MW-LW Radio is repaired and works (Finihed) (May.2021)

New Anounces

I archived old posts on my entire blog. You can access old posts at archive.volkanatasever.com. I moved the old posts to the archive without changing them. all the old posts were in Turkish, now the announcements will be in English and Turkish.

tüm blogumdaki eski postları arşive aldım. archive.volkanatasever.com adresinden eski postlara ulaşabilirsiniz. eski postları hiç değiştirmeden olduğu gibi arşive taşıdım. eski postların hepsi türkçeydi artık duyurular ingilizce ve türkçe olacak.